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This award winning project was born during the 2019 HackCU Competition, hosted by the University of Colorado Boulder. This project was conceptualized, created and presented within 24 hours.

This project attempted to create Snapchat stickers for various manmade objects orbiting our earth. Much of the functionality was completed, but due to the scale of the project, the python scripts used to track the closes orbiting objects to a user could not be integrated successfully with the android app created.

Screenshot of website


— Tracks space objects in real time
— Finds closest space objects to location on earth and calculates relative position
— Personalizes PNG images to each space object
— Adheres to Snapchat’s requirements for stickers
— Created an android app that retrieves a GPS position and presents personalized images for objects overhead
— Complemented beauty of image design with a ‘branded’ website


— Best website design (The website can be accessed here)


— Tom Galligini
— Andrew Lemke
Hunter Manter
— Addison Whitney